Big Hearted Brits

One thing’s for sure, us british people really do have a heart for animals.

After a video appeared on the internet of a cruel dog owner driving off and leaving his limping dog behind, hundreds of people from all over britain have come forward offering to re-home the dog.

This story ties in with the topic of how social media influences people in britain. If this video hadn’t appeared on the internet. There probably wouldn’t have been such a massive response from all over the UK, it would have just been a local story.

This is yet another animal cruelty story which has come to light because of social media, following on from the cat in the bin story and the bosnian girl (who is extremely sick and disturbed in my opinion) who posted photos of herself on facebook throwing live puppies into a river.

It seems to me like such a shame that people feel the need to do this to animals. After all they are just defenceless little creatures (in my eyes anyway.) Of course there are problems with viscious animals such as the dogs who have recently been let loose on the streets to maul young children, but the vast majority of animals aren’t like that at all and have been properly disciplined by their owners as to avoid this situation.

As a proud cat and dog owner, i personally believe anyone who harms an animal should be dealt with properly, including the use of large fines and community service orders. If some of us are good enough, or sad enough in some people’s opinion, to treat our pets like humans, then surely anyone who harms them should be punished as if they have hurt a human?

You can find the story from the BBC about the re-homing of the dog and the cctv footage of the dog being dumped here:

Katie McCann

4 Responses

  1. really liked this article and i feel the same as you,animal cruelty deserves punishment. and i hope wee Ginger gets a nice new home!

  2. What is with animal-haters these days? There has been a torrent of fox-clubbers, binning of cats and abandoning of dogs recently. These sick people don’t only need fined, they need mental help. What on earth would possess a person to abuse an animal? I am pleased that people have responded in such numbers – that is the way it should be – and it is great that social media played a big part in exposing these criminals.

  3. Yet another report of animal abuse – Anthony Parker, 29, decided to microwave his hamster (as you do) AND the most shocking thing about it is, even though he has been put in the slammer for nine weeks, he has only been banned from owning a pet for FIVE years. Five years? He should never so much as look at an animal ever again.

  4. Glad to hear people feel the same way! And Julia…why would anyone want to microwave a hamster!! That’s disgusting. Totally agree with you though. Banned from owning a pet for five years is definatly a mistake. No doubt we will hear about this Anthony Parker boy again in five years time…you never know, it might be one of us budding young journalists who breaks the story about his latest animal cruelty ventures then!

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