Social Networking against LibDems

I have been reading yesterdays conference speech made by Nick Clegg, and, after last weeks lecture, was curious to see if I could use social media sites to find out public opinion on both the speech, and the Liberal Democrats performance in the coalition Government so far.
This is a discussion site I came across, , where people have been posting their opinions about his speech that I thought you might like to have a look at.
After flicking through the posts, I noticed most people were conveying their disdain at the lack of tension between the two parties, with comments such as “I can imagine Cameron making the same speech” and “there was something missing from the speech…no attack against the Tories”. I then typed Nick Clegg into Facebook search, out of curiosity as to what kind of group names would appear. The top group to appear was: , followed by a multitude of groups playing on the joke “Nick Clegg and David Cameron are now in a relationship”.
I also thought this was an interesting article on social media’s affect on politics, from the Guardian in April, when Twitter users were making statements followed by #nickcleggsfault.


2 Responses

  1. wow it took people a while to realise this was the way it was going. From the moment Nick Clegg considered siding with the Tories, I predicted that the Lib Dem party would get ripped in half and it would end up as an American system where there are two parties that ever stand a chance of getting in, and as such we will just scrap any other parties

  2. This is a great idea for a little blog bec447. What did you think of A strange mix of people? Balanced range of opinions?
    I thought the #nickcleggsfault during the election campaign was funny… but I wonder how many of those people have now turned against Nick. Hmm. I wonder could we find out? Might be the makings of a story…

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