Damned if they do, damned if they don’t?

I received a visit from Alex Hamilton last night, a Scottish Liberal Candidate for Edinburgh Central in the Scottish Parliament. He was going from door to door handing out questionnaires about how safe we felt in our community, and trying to win support. I have to admit, I have no idea who I would consider voting for at the moment, but he seemed like a really nice guy and I felt sorry for him trudging along the streets of Murrayfield, so much so that I thought to myself that I would definitely consider voting in favour of them. I am far too easily persuaded!
I duly went and filled in the questionnaire, pin-pointing crime spots in my area and what issues I felt most worried about in the community. I handed one on to my Dad to fill in but he threw it straight in the bin. I queried why and he replied ‘because the Lib Dems sold out, they’re not getting my vote.’
Earlier that day I had read Nick Cleggs’ conference speech in which he had made it clear that his party would never have been taken seriously again if they had passed up the opportunity of a coalition government. But after my Dad’s remark it made me think, will they ever be taken seriously again BECAUSE they entered into a coalition government. With Clegg being branded as “the Tories’ little helper” I have to question whether he really has any control, or whether he is just there for show, because he wanted some recognition and power. And with the major policies all looking suspiciously Conservative, where exactly do the Liberal Democrats fit in?
Seems to me like the Lib Dems were damned if they do, damned if they don’t.


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  1. Dear Kara,
    I really love this article! Short, snappy and to the point.
    I think for a person that was considerig voting Lib Dem in the election due to some of their points that I could relate to, I too now feel that they may have just teamed up with the Conservatives as the points that really stood out to me have now been swept under the carpet.


  2. ok…i have very strong political views so bare with me…

    The Lib Dems have switched alliegance from a Labour side of things, from which Labour and Lib Dems sprouted from each other. They were hand in hand, the Lib Dems were on the same wing as Labour and the two would never consider the Tories as an option. And then Nick Clegg took over. I’m not sure how heavily people are into politics, but this is what happened. Clegg promised the Lib Dems when he took over that in the election they would be the third main party, they would get a lot more support in this election and that the Lib Dems would start to compete for power genuinely. Then the election came and the Lib Dems gained more seats than they had 5 years ago. So Clegg was stuck, he had failed the party and as such people would be calling for him to step down. So to save his own skin, he formed a coalition with the Tories so he had power, and as long as he was in some position of power his party would not ask him to step down….

    And the other bonus is they can change the voting system. That voting system is what Clegg blamed on him failing to gain as many seats in parliament, to take the cross hare off his forehead. Instead of saving the reputation of the party, he has saved his career…was it the right thing to do? debate it as politicians are meant to haha

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