Student Life in Edinburgh

Hello everyone!

First of all let me start by saying I have developed a phobia of a blank page, so deciding what to write for my first blog was quite a daunting task! I have a feeling this blog is going to be one long monotonous moan, so I promise not to get offended if anyone chooses not to read on!

Student life has proved to be alot more difficult than expected for me to be very honest. At the moment I am eating crunchy nut cornflakes from a cup…minus the milk… Yesterday for the first time in my life, I had to sacrifice going out because I needed the money to buy myself dinner for next week. Bearing this in mind, my dinner will consist of beans on toast and possibly a handful of cheese for the next week because I have now just jumped on the ‘broke’ bandwagon! I spent half an hour the other day wondering why on earth I couldn’t work the washing machine only to realise that I hadn’t actually switched it on… I had to go a whole week without eating potatoes which for an Irish person is a mortal sin! I cannot remember the last time I ate meat that wasn’t packed with preservatives and to top it all off, I have just realised that over three hundred euros has gone missing from my bank account. Wonderful.

That said, I have to admit I do love this newly found ‘student life’ despite my fears of death by starvation. I lived in a rural area of  Ireland before moving to Edinburgh so this big city is a massive change for me! My life is complete now that i dont have to wait on the one bus that shows its face every two hours! I think Edinburgh is a very beautiful city and I still cant get over the fascinating  sights of the castles and monuments. I have only just begun to get my bearings but hopefully in a few weeks I wont be getting lost so much! Student life has enabled me to meet some wonderful people who I know I will enjoy spending the next few months with and I am sure most students feel the same.

All in all, I dont really know what to expect from this new way of living but I certainly cant wait to see what it throws at me next!

Lauren Elliott

(I know this was very short, but I have to go and make myself look socially acceptable before going to Napier Tv! See you all on Tuesday!)


5 Responses

  1. Hey Lauren i really liked your piece, i couldn’t agree with you more! Its so annoying having to eat the ‘standard’ student meals of beans, beans and wait more beans! Aswell as the massive pile of dishes next to the sink that no one wants to even begin to wash up.

    I am so excited for the next couple of years, even though im still getting lost everywere i go, I too can not wait to see what the next few years in Edinburgh are going to throw at me.

    Francine Davies

  2. (Because you wanted a comment!)

    A sound and entertaining first blog! I know exactly what you mean about the convenience of buses here as well.

  3. You joined napier TV? I hope you enjoy it! I was thinking of joining it myself!
    As for the rest of the post, I understand your financial agony! But we will fight our way through economically critical times to a wonderful world of employment (at some point).
    The blank page phobia haunts us all, so congrats on contributing to the site!

  4. Love it….I found myself staggering home from, what can only be described as, a hideously drunken night out, to find I had no money to buy some grease ridden food (the kind that makes you want to vomit when you remember it in the morning.)
    I made it home and shared a jar of pickled gherkins with my flat mate….what have we become?!
    Amusing post….like it!

  5. Really love this blog Lauren. Like many I can total relate to your experiences. Tonight I found myself mixing carrots and potatoes into some rice before heading off to my third night of work this week. My body clock is completely buggered, and like you, not even from getting completely mullered just to actually afford to buy the bread for the beans.

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